The excellent business ideas to start in Indonesia

Smartphones and tablets are now a daily necessity of most Indonesians. Even until the children were already accustomed to using tablets, so tablet users increasing every year. These lifestyle changes open up creative business opportunities by selling Flip Cover Tablets. Currently has sold many Flip tablet covers, but you can offer with unique motifs of flip cover batik. The business prospect of selling flip cover batik is quite tempting because rarely people who sell flip cover batik. Customize the flip cover batik model that many people love. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the info about business import to Indonesia.

Recycled Products

Later a lot of calls to participate in environmentally friendly efforts through the Go Green Campaign launched by various organizations and agencies concerned. You can take this opportunity into a real business for example by opening a recycled crackle making business, or craft from a pulp. The advantage is that you will be helped from the side of the campaign with the campaign that recommends the use of used goods as the main ingredient to make the product.


The increasingly advanced era is still leaving a niche business that has not been widely known. Take a look at some of today’s modern cafes that feature antiques and ancient shades of antiquity. For you antique lovers, just try to pit fortune from the sale of the goods? Antiques such as old tables, lamps, or glasses are items of interest to buyers with a high enough selling price.

Simple Culinary Business

The culinary business seems endless to continue growing. Almost every month there are always new business and old culinary business that closed because it did not sell. It takes a creative idea in marketing the culinary business. Be creative, combine your culinary business with foods that are already popular with creative ideas. For example, meatballs, making meatballs with unique flavors, such as the contents of cheese, or boxball meatball. Variants of this food that makes the culinary business run successfully.