Dealing with the touchscreen problems on your smartphone

When there is a problem with the Android touchscreen, you do not panic. Not necessarily it’s problematic on its hardware. How to solve the first touchscreen Android problem, you must check the RAM usage on your Android. If your touchscreen is unresponsive, perhaps the interface you are using is lag. The reason, Android is one platform that takes up enough space on RAM. Meanwhile, you might also need to know more about where to buy mobile phone online.

Well, you see the first condition of your smartphone is like, whether the RAM on your smartphone is great or not. If it is not too big, then check the application you have. If you see your apps already fill the space on RAM, then immediately remove the unused apps. Because, because this is the touchscreen Android you can look problematic, but only the interface is lag.

Immediately Enable 2D Rendering GPU

How to solve the touch screen error problem on your second smartphone is you can enable Force GPU Rendering. Why? Since one of the reasons your touchscreen is problematic is your smartphone may have problems with its poor transition sector. Therefore, you must try how to overcome this one touchscreen.

Then, how do I enable it? Quiet, the way is very easy. You just need to go to Settings> Developer Options> Force GPU Rendering. If the Developer Options menu is not already on your Android smartphone, you just need to go to Settings> About Phone> and tap Build Number up to seven times to enable Developer Options.

Android Smartphone Screen Calibration

How to overcome the next Android touchscreen is you need to calibrate your Android smartphone screen. Along with the use of Android smartphones that the longer you use, the screen display can tend to be warmer or even look cooler. Therefore, you are required to correct the color of your Android device. What’s the solution?

The right solution to find out how to solve touchscreen problems is that you are required to calibrate your Android smartphone screen. How to calibrate your Android smartphone screen? You can use third-party applications like Touchscreen Calibration. How to solve this damaged touch screen you can count on to check your touchscreen before you take it to the service center.