Currently, do Plastic Operation? This Activity You Can not Do

As one of the only actions that can be done by experts, you do have to find the right surgeon for plastic surgery. One of the things you should find is top plastic surgeons washington state. That way, then you will be able to get results from a very good and perfect operation.

One part of the body that is often performed surgery is the nose, chin and other parts of the face. Who performs rhinoplasty or nasal surgery and chin surgery, during healing, he is forbidden to eat spicy foods and alcohol. This is so as not to make the swelling in the face longer to recover. For seven days after plastic surgery, the area of ??the face or body in operation should also not be exposed to water. For that, he is not allowed to shampoo.

Other restrictions that must be done to keep the results of plastic surgery is not allowed to exercise. a woman who also does plastic surgery on her nose, exercise is not allowed for three months after undergoing surgery.