Know the Fundamental Differences Between Brushed And Brushless Motor Here

In an electronic device, you will surely find a motor that controls it. There are two kinds of motor that function that is brushed and brushless motor. If it breaks, then you can get it on a brushless DC motor. There are many types of brushless motors that you can find and you choose according to your needs.


There is a fundamental difference between brushed an brushless. Generally on brushed, only have a coil only. Brushed motors only use two wires ie + and – which usually connected to the mainboard board. Meanwhile, on a brushless motor, has more than one coil. Generally, a brushless motor has three coils each of which has one cable to enter the ESC or battery. In this tool, the spin is not coil because the coil attaches to the motor. The location of the magnet in the brushless motor is also in the middle on this magnet that will rotate. From here you will already see the basic difference between the two.