Wrong In Consuming Tea Can Be Bad For Health

Consuming tea would be a habit for everyone. Many people do it because the tea has a distinctive flavor characteristic with other beverages. In fact, there are several types of tea that is good for health. One of them is red tea which is useful as skinny fit tea. That way, you can reduce the fat in your body so you can lose weight.

All you need to know is that the wrong way of consuming various types of tea is not good for health. Some of the wrong ways in question are

1. MInum tea after meals
The results of the Maternal and Child Health Department Faculty of Medicine University of Diponegoro states that consuming tea an hour before or after eating will reduce the absorption of iron by 64%.
Reduction of the body’s absorption of iron is due to the presence of tannin in tea. Tannins play a role in the absorption of iron from foods, especially those included in the category of non-iron heme, such as grains, nuts, and vegetables

2. Drinking tea too often
If you consume tea up to 5 cups a day, then the reabsorption process will be more binding calcium which is actually still needed by the body. That means drinking too much tea will make the absorbed calcium wasted through the urine. And we know that calcium becomes the main nutrient to strengthen our bones and joints.

3. Drink sweet tea containing artificial sweeteners
The danger of ice tea with sweeteners can cause health disruption. Artificial sweeteners in ice tea can cause sugar in the blood to rise and can be a cause of diabetes.

4. Drinking tea when dehydrated
Drinking cold tea will be very fit to drink when you feel dehydrated because it will feel very refreshing throat. However, did you know that tea will actually make you feel more dehydrated afterwards? That’s because of the diuretic properties in the dried tea leaves that will actually cause dehydration.