Things that can ruin your air-conditioned room

When your room is having its temperature conditioned by an AC, it’s obviously becoming a lot more comfortable for you to work or relax in it. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that might ruin this experience, so we’d like to share with you some ways to avoid it. In the meantime, we’d like you to visit anytime you need a maintenance for your air conditioner.

1. Smoking in a room with an AC often

This can make the stench of the tobacco sticks to the wall of your room. Avoid doing this if you don’t want it happens in your favorite room of your own house.

2. Bringing items or foods with powerful smell into that room

This can instantly kill the cozy atmosphere in a room with an AC installed in it, especially if it’s a Durian fruit.

3. Abandoning any water damage in that room

As you can expect, water and cold temperature can be a perfect combination which makes fungus and diseases to grow easily in your house.