Here are some of the Most Beautiful Wedding Places You Can Choose

There are many places to hold beautiful weddings that exist all over the world. This makes married couples have many interesting and good options to hold their marriage. many people who finally chose to hold weddings at Lake Erie building because of its beautiful place.

In addition to the place, there are some other places are also good and very beautiful to serve as the best wedding venue. Some of these places are

1. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland
Part of you especially for women must have had a dream to get married in the castle and the palace like a princess in fairy tales. But now it can be realized. A castle in Scotland called Dalhousie Castle can be booked to be a wedding venue.

2. Rocky Resort, Thailand
Rockey Resort Thailand is nothing less than a dream come true for every couple. It is a heaven for couples to organize their marriage. In ancient times, the ruling marriages were done here. Here you are treated to local specialties and guests are treated to traditional Thai dance performances.

3. The Lighthouse, Ohio
If you want to invite a hundred or two hundred guests, then Lighthouse in Ohio is the ideal wedding venue. It has over 60 rooms with beautiful beach views and is located in Eastern Ohio. Located just minutes from Cedar Park, East Harbor

4. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, UK
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is an oasis filled with beautiful trees and flowers. This place is the most romantic place for couples to say sacred wedding vows. Coupled with facilities that make invited guests amazed and friendly management. You can talk with a couple to choose this place to get married, In this park is available indoor or outdoor, so any concept you wear can fit in this place. This place is able to accommodate 300 invited guests.

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